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Discounted Services In-House Price Plan

If you have a big deductible or low maximum insurance coverage we can help you. Alternatively if you do not have any dental insurance coverage, possibly because your employer doesn't offer it, our house discount plan can help.

Why a discount plan?

Why a Discount Plan?

  1. No required pre-authorizations
  2. No monthly payments
  3. No waiting periods
  4. No deductible
  5. No more wondering what the insurance will pay towards your treatments!

No Insurance? A Big Deductible? No Problem!

We can help you if you have or don’t have dental insurance. If you have a big deductible, or have a low annual maximum allowed amount, and a recurring monthly premium payment, we can save you money with our in-house discount plan.

Our plan bundles in some commonly needed services, which includes two exams and necessary x-rays for a low annual price. This lets you SAVE by not paying a deductible and the dental insurance companies ongoing monthly premium.

No more worrying about IF it’s covered! No more surprises from the insurance company deciding you owe a copay/deductible! You pay for the additional services needed at a discounted price.

TDC In-House Discount Plan

TDC In-House Discount Plan


  • 1 Comprehensive Exam
  • 1 Annual Exam And Necessary X- Rays
  • 1 Emergency Exam (Used Anytime During The Year)
  • 1 Oral Cancer Screening
  • Provide Oral Hygene Insturctions
  • 10% Off Crowns, Veneers,
  • Periodontics, Dentures, & Implants.
  • 20% Off Most Other Services

Invisalign? Get $1000 off the standard invisalign price with the discount plan!

Not Just Basic Services

The Torrance Dental Care in-house discount plan. For just $179 per year for the first person. Additional family members are $149 each per year (NOTE: All family members must live in the same household. Also, no substituting family members in and out of the discount plan).

You can get quality dental care with possibly a much lower cost than insurance. The discount plan provides you with a much safer choice than having no insurance. Keep in mind, this discount plan is not insurance, does not include any products, and is only valid in our Torrance Dental Care office. Any referrals to a specialist will not be part of this discount plan. Discounts under this program cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions.

Already Have Insurance?

The most important reason to have dental coverage is to provide services when you need it for your dental health. Some insurance companies will say no to a service you may need. They decided it is excluded from coverage and say you must do something else or they will only pay a small portion. This would leave you with a potentially big bill or serious pain. If you are paying $30 per month for PPO insurance now, that is $360 over 12 months. Also you would pay an annual deductible that is usually $50 per year. The total is about $410 per year for typical PPO dental Insurance. Our discount plan can cost much less with the best treatment options for you to choose.

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